We are the residents of Strathcona on unceded Indigenous land.

We are a diverse and inclusive community of people who live in owned homes, rented homes, care homes, co-op housing, social housing, RVs and tents. We care for our neighbourhood, and we look out for each other.

In recent months, hundreds of our unhoused neighbours have been repeatedly displaced into unsafe and unsupported park spaces. Our community has also experienced a steady increase in personal crime, property crime and public health hazards. We attribute these issues to government inaction and neglect in the face of urgent public health and housing crises. Our small neighbourhood is disproportionately impacted by these crises, and we see our elected officials doing little to help us.

As the newest generation of Strathcona community activists, we will not sit back and accept more discrimination and neglect. We stand on the shoulders of the Militant Mothers of Raymur and SPOTA to demand our governments take immediate action to ensure our collective health and safety. We stand for safe homes for all.